Tree for Trees

Tree4Trees, Green Furniture

Trees4Trees™ is a not-for-profit organisation first established in Indonesia to benefit the local environment by producing new furniture products from sustainably grown resources that assist both the local community and ease the imapct upon the environment. Through partnership reforestation initiatives and education of the local community, we can provide for both the people responsible for the production of our great Ethnicraft range, but also the environment by supporting the reduction of the negative impacts reforestation can have.

Since 2012, our goal at Trit House is to give back to both the consumer and the environment, and this is a first step in that direction, as the first retailer to the public to offer this in Melbourne, and one of the few available in Australia. Look out for the Trees4Trees™ tag in store to ensure you're buying into this great initiative for you and the environment.

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The goal of Trees4Trees™ is to provide top quality seedlings of species like teak, mango, and mahogany (amongst others) to local farmers and land owners in Indonesia. The program was created to offer technical guidance on the best planting protocols and forestry practices to maximise value and product with a reduced detriment to the local environment.

Over the last 3 years, Trees4Trees™ has planted over 600,000 trees in various regions, with support primarily from manufacturing and retail participants like Ethnicraft and Trit House, who fund out of our own pockets the replacement of trees used in the manufacturing process of our products.

The species planted are ones with high commercial demand. They’re used for their growth suitability, extended planting use and commercial demand and appeal. Tree species are matched to the grower's needs and intent, site conditions and market potential. Plantings are spaced on a 3m x 2m grid, this stocking rate ensures good tree form, selection and thinning to optimise growth and maximise wood procutions.



Community based forestry is acknowledged as one of the key strategies to promote a more sustainable forest management, whilst reducing poverty in rural areas - mainly in developing countries. With community partnership, the standards of living can be maintained and improved, with positive contribution to local development through this use of forestry sustainably.

The Trees4Trees™ program is about the local development of assets, skills and knowledge for the benefit of the local community as growers and producers, and additionally to provide proper job prospects for future generations. The benefits of this improve both the livelihood of the community and the retailing industry.

The goal for the Trees4Trees™ foundation is to provide a practical yet effective program for responsible manufacturers and retailers to aid the environments and communities where they source their products. Participants are solely accepted into the program under the Trees4Trees™ code of ethics and stringent participation rules to ensure the consumer, retailer, community and manufacturer gets the best out of this arrangement.



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