Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where reclaimed materials are transformed into stunning pieces of simplistic artistry. This brand will awaken your senses and show us the meaning of craftsmanship between culture, nature and how they intertwine a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and sustainability.

About dBodhi

Introducing dBodhi, furniture inspired by the natural world. This range of furniture, handcrafted in Indonesia, offer a new perspective on furniture creation. Each creation showcases the inherent allure of dark timber shades, an emerging trend in contemporary interiors. Each piece is imbued with a distinctive character that speaks to the expertise of the artisan and the history of the natural materials used in each piece.

In this collection you will rediscover a human touch that is so often absent in modern mass-produced furniture. Their items are created with a meticulous attention to detail, highlighting the natural variations and irregularities that arise from the reclaimed materials used.