Trit strives to inspire and provide a feeling of unique self expression to our customers and their homes. Our qualified staff are here to assist at every step on that journey. We believe in the transformative power of design in everyday living and this desire is shared by our customers. So often busy lives or lack of direction get in the way of realising the true potential of the space you’re in. Trit’s consultation program has a variety of services to tailor the experience to your individual needs. Our trained stylists can help guide as you curate your own unique home, providing as much or as little assistance needed. Find out more about each one below.

Complimentary Styling Service


Trit’s complimentary styling service is a popular choice among customers who are looking for just some light guidance on the direction of their styling and what pieces go in harmony with one another. This short session with one of Trit’s stylists can accommodate customers who may have a little less time on their hands. You can attend our one on one session either in-store or virtually. This sit down will be the first step in the right direction of getting the most out of your home and expressing your spirit.

Premium Styling Service


If you're working on a large project and need more time to go through every detail, our premium styling services are available. Our most personalised and popular styling service is a consultation taking place where you are the most comfortable, your home. Our premium service provides you with elevated documented solutions that fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Our premium services are designed to suit a variety of residential and commercial spaces, including holiday lettings and investment properties. With the premium styling, all design fees are fully redeemable for product purchases.