Conscious & Mindful Curation

Being conscious of our impact on the environment is one of the driving factors that motivates us to improve our product range, to source from like-minded international brands, and to develop our own benchmarks and standards which we continually improve upon. 

At Trit, we recognise the importance of retailers taking an active role in caring for the environment. We have responsible purchasing practices, sourcing and creating pieces that get to you safely and are designed to last. You can be rest assured that all of the pieces we sell at Trit are using FSC certified timbers, and are from factories and workshops that have exceptional working conditions and practices.

For 2024, our primary focus is to work with our suppliers to cut down and eliminate the use of plastics like polystyrene in the packing process.

Our signature vision for inspired living means we encourage customers to create a home that transcends trends and speaks to their personal point-of-view. Our consultants will help you to make conscious choices that suit your lifestyle, with future consideration for how the products will be used and how they may wear overtime. A well designed home will have a positive impact on your wellbeing, increasing creativity, productivity and happiness.

The Conscious Edit


While our entire collection is created with sustainability in mind, we would like to showcase key pieces that go beyond industry standards, and reflect and highlight suppliers from our network of brands that share our vision for a sustainable environment that is there for future generations.

As a business, Trit is always learning, growing & improving. If you have any suggestions, or questions around sustainability we can answer about our products please contact us.

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