About Trit House

About Us

Established in 2006, Trit's curatorial approach brings together furniture, objects and art with a signature vision for inspired living. We believe that a home that expresses your personal point-of-view is a home that you'll love living in for a lifetime.

After 13 years as Clickon Furniture, our brand has matured into a refined curation of authentic, original designs.

Our trendsetting collections are celebrated for infusing a global design perspective with Australian style. From our creative hub in Melbourne, we develop our own unique products, while scouring the world to discover and partner with the most pioneering design voices.

The result is an exclusive and evolving range that showcases our own signature designs alongside a carefully selected stable of international creative talent; unified by our bold spontaneity, contemporary innovation and exceptional craftsmanship.

Discerning customers, architects and designers regard our concept showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as design destinations; where we invite you to be inspired by our expressive approach to tailoring spaces with personality.

Whether it's a space to gather, rejuvenate, or create, Trit is here to help you live a life inspired.